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MANWAY CANNON SYSTEM FOR NON MAN ENTRY TANK CLEANING with side or roof manway operation New Modular version with  ROV self-assembly all hydraulic drive of Pressure pump and Sludge pump with 100HP HPU unit all controled from the operator control console.

 MWC Recirculation & Filtration Tank


Out Shoots, Out Performs, Eclipses and Confines other systems to the history books

Container Mounted System with HPU Power unit Storage and Control Room

Designed by fluid hydrodynamics flow engineers creating the most

powerful and efficient manway cannon on the market with a 45m (148 feet) Jet

throw at only 8 bar (116 psi) pressure and 65m (213 feet) jet throw at 17 bar (247 psi) 

Colour Coded Hose Connections on MC                                Transportation support frame          Customer Mounting on tank
Colour Coded Connections from HPU  Cannon Camera and Light unit with washers   Roof Manway Mounting 
Operator Joystick   Multiple Units ready for delievry   Control room door entrance 

Cerified to ATEX EU and  North American  regulations UL508 and NEC

Contact Tony Bennett for Information & Sales: tony@manway-cannon.com or tonybennett@non-manentry-tankcleaning.com
World Wide Sales & Marketing Department UK +447951930633 (also on whatsapp) or USA + 1-832-416-1313 ou France +33(0)975170121 ou Brazil +55-2135133615

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