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Technical Information

§Stainless Steel Construction
§Commonly stocked parts
§Hydraulically Driven Motors
§Camera & Light Housings
§Hydraulic Connections (thread to connect dripless quick disconnects)
§3” Feed Connection
§ATEX  Electrical Connectors
300 deg of Lateral Travel  x  165 deg of Vertical Travel

Camera & DVR

1080p Camera with 52x camera mounted near the nozzle,

visuals of the HydraLink spray system are sent back to the control center.

Focus/zoom commands are adjustable via joystick controls.


Equipped with an LED light rated for 50,000 working hours the tank will be illuminated.

With touchscreen controls the light intensity can be adjusted to (3) different levels.

Power Unit

100Hp HPU capable of running Manway Cannon, High Pressure Pump & In-tank Sludge Pump. 

All Controls for each function located inside control room enabling operator

to vary pressures and flows from the console.


Thread to Connect Quick disconnect hydraulic fittings save time and effort from connecting hoses

even if they are pressurized.  Connections can be made by hand with 210 Bar residual pressure in hoses.

Modular Control System provides the ability

to control the following tools:

HydraLink Manway Cannon
HydraLink Robotic Crawler
HydraLink High Pressure Pump (Hydraulically Driven)
HydraLink In-tank Sludge Pump (Hydraulically Driven)
HydraLink Recirculation & Filtration Tank

Operator is able to choose what tool he is planning to utilize

through the use of Touchscreen Controls.  This assigns what the joystick

will be operating. The entire system is built into a 20ft container

Control Center requires a 3 phase power input.

All electrical connections follow Atex EX Ib IIIC, EX d IIC, IP68,

EXII 2GD rating.

Control Center can be configured into a Conex or Trailer system.

All PLC programming is done in-house and additional customization is available.

HydraLink System can be expanded to accommodate additional accessories.

Technical Specifications

Dual Manway Cannon System Technical Specification

The Dual Manway Cannon System is comprised of a 20ft

registered shipping container with a

control room side and an equipment side.

Details of each component are listed below.

1. Control Room

a. 6M x 2.5M x 2.5M Registered Conex Shipping Container

b. Insulated Control Room w/ side access door

i. (2) Dual Axis Joystics

1. Manway Cannons

2. Mover/Rover

ii. (1) Battery Backup – Rack Mounted

iii. (3) 60cm Monitors

iv. (3) NVR’s (Video Storage) – Rack Mounted

1. (2) for Manway Cannons / TCSD / ROV

2. (1) for Site Cameras

v. Heater / AC Unit

vi. (1) Control Cabinet w/ Step-Down Transformer & DC Power Supply

vii. (1) HMI Display

1. Container HPU Start/Stop/E-Stop with Remote Start/Stop

2. Remote Start/Stop for Centrifugal Pump (for later add-on)

3. Remote Start/Stop for Lobe Pump (for later add-on)

4. Remote Start/Stop for TCFF (for later add-on)

5. Level alarms for TCFF (for later add-on)

6. Gas and LEL Detection Alarms & Shutdowns

viii. (1) LED Office Light Bar

2. Equipment Room

a. Hydraulic Power Unit

b. Manual Reel-O-Matic Hose & Cable Rollup

c. Hose & Cable Storage Rack

d. Main Breaker Box

e. Manway Cannon Storage

f. Centrifugal Pump Skid Storage

g. Lobe Pump Skid Storage

h. Adapter Flange Wall Mount Storage

i. 37 Liter Water Tank (lens cleaner)

3. Hydraulic Power Unit (QTY: 1)

a. 100HP, 380VAC, 3-PHASE, 50Hz, 1750 RPM

b. 113 L/min @ 138 BAR Rated

c. 70 BAR - Valves Set at 50 BAR

d. AW-46 SYNTHETIC Hydraulic Fluid

e. Pressure & Return Filters to size (10 micron)

f. Wall Mounted Hydraulic Oil Cooler to size

g. 300 Liter Reservoir w/ ¾” drain valve

h. Temp/Level Shutdowns

i. Filler Breather Cap & Sight Gauge

j. 210 BAR Pressure Gauge & Sensor

k. Suction Ball Valve to size

4. Hydraulic Hoses – SPARES Recommended (QTY: 10)

a. Size: DN4

b. Length: 76 Meters

c. Pressure: 210 BAR

d. Safety F: 4:1 Burst

e. QTY: 1 Nitrogen Purge Hose (DN 2 w/ 1620 Test Point Connection)

5. Hydraulic Valves (QTY: 2) 4-Section & 7-Section

a. Proportional Control Electro-hydraulic Valves with Manual Overrides

b. Inlet Pressure set @ 50 BAR

c. Coils (CAN J1939) – SPARES Recommended

6. Cannon (QTY: 2) ATEX

a. 80mm Inlet (304 S.S.)

b. 65mm Swivels for UP/DN & CW/CCW Movement

c. 80mm Swivel for Horizontal rotation (Roof Mount)

d. Encoders for X & Y Axis Movement feedback

e. 20mm Nozzle w/ Stream Straightener, 45 M^3/Hr, 10 BAR

i. ~ 48 Meters reach

f. Operating Feed Water Pressure: 5-15 BAR (10 BAR recommended)

g. Hydraulic Motor Pressure: 35-15 BAR

h. Vertical Stops Factory Set ~135°

i. Horizontal Stops Factory Set ~335°

j. Z-axis (Roofmount) Stops Factory Set ~360°

k. ALL 90° flow turns are Sweeps – Not Hard 90° (Less Pressure Drop)

l. Digital Video IP Camera (8 Megapixel)

i. 1080p Resolution w/ 40X Zoom

m. 25-Watt LED (12-24 VDC)

n. Gas/Oxygen Monitor for Auto Shutdown

o. Nitrogen Purge connection (DN 2 thermoplastic hose)

7. Communication Cables (QTY: 3)

a. Light & Camera Cables

b. Length: 76 Meters

c. ATEX Zone 1 Rated Cable & Connectors

8. Supply Power Cable (QTY: 1)

a. 5-Conductor Cable - 75 Meters

9. Electrical Connections

a. Control Container

i. Input Supply Power from Generator (Safe Area Rated)

ii. Light & Camera Cable (ATEX Zone 1)

iii. Centrifugal Pump Power & Starter Cable (ATEX Zone 1)

iv. Lobe Pump Power & Starter Cable (ATEX Zone 1)

b. Manway Cannon

i. Light & Camera Cable (ATEX Zone 1)

ii. Ground Connection internal to Light & Camera Cable (Shield)

10. Hydraulic Connections

a. Control Container

i. Lens cleaner feed line (QD)

Qty: 2 (¼” or DIN 4 Hoses)

ii. Manway Cannon Functions (Dripless QD’s)

Qty: 2 sets of each (¼” or DIN 4 Hoses)

1. Up

2. Down

3. Left

4. Right

iii. ROV/TCSD (for later add-on) (Dripless QD’s)

1. Supply

2. Return

3. Drain

b. Manway Cannon (ea)

i. Lens cleaner feed line (Press to Connect – Flat Face QD)

Qty: 1

ii. Manway Cannon Functions (Thread to Connect - Dripless QD’s)

Qty: 2 sets of each

1. Up

2. Down

3. Left – CCW

4. Right – CW

5. Roof Mount – Left – CCW (Uses Left Hose)

6. Roof Mount – Right – CW (Uses Right Hose)

7. Nitrogen Purge (1620 Test Point Connection)

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